Saturday, November 16, 2013

Review: Because I always wanted one of those beautiful travel pillows!

'Twas a long day at work and I picked up a grumpy three-year-old, took him home and planned to put him firmly in front of the television while I made a fast dinner. Fortunately for me, there was an intriguing-looking parcel at the front door and that got him excited. I told him it was for me (no point getting his hopes up) but he still begged to open it, and of course I let him. What I didn't know is that the lovely ladies at Ciao Bella Travel had done some special wrapping on my review product and it included a red lollipop! My son, naturally enough, thought that part was for him, and what could I do.

I am a bit of a tight-wad when it comes to travel accessories. I still use the same backpack I first bought in 1998 for my first backpacking trip to the east coast of Australia, even though that backpack has travelled through almost 40 countries and is showing some significant signs of wear and tear (but it's still comfortable, and it still works, more or less!).

So, although I have always been jealous of those people with the lovely travel pillows (not the horrible inflatable ones but the soft squishy ones that actually work), I have never bought one. Even though the sensible part of my brain has long told me they would actually help me get a bit more sleep on flights and a less sore neck.

So, yay, now my son has a lollipop (well, had), and I have a travel pillow! Since then I have tried it out, although sadly only in the car, as my next flight is not scheduled for a couple of months. Just as I have so long suspected, this thing is amazing. I am itching to get on my next plane trip (more on that soon, hopefully) to give it a proper workout.

This one is an Annabel Trends pillow and it is just the right combo of squishy and hard for me, and the reverse side that actually sits on your shoulders is really soft (cuddly, even). As my husband took a picture of me using it the phrase "sleeping like a baby" came to mind, except that whoever thought that phrase up had never met my baby so I prefer to call it "resting better than a baby".

FYI: Lots of lovely stuff on their website plus they have just started their Ciao Bella Travel Miles program so you can get discounts if you go back for more.

Disclaimer: Ciao Bella Travel gave me a travel pillow (and lollipop) for the purposes of the review, but all the opinions are, as always, my own. 


  1. Love it and want one for next year. I currently have a rubbish one that you buy at the airport. So beam me up Scotty I will buy one

    1. Yep this one definitely better. And funky. V important.

  2. I agree, Amanda - those squishy pillows are great. I never travel without one and now I don't suffer from a kinked neck, either! I love seeing people walk around airports with their squishy pillows around their necks - a great way to carry them!

    1. Ooh yes that'll be me on my next trip, walking around with my green and white stripes as a scarf!!!


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