Sunday, June 03, 2012

Geeks, travelling and geek travel

I'm going to let you all in on a secret today - something that may not be that surprising, but kind of a secret just the same - I am a bit of a nerd. Or a geek. Or whatever term you want to use. I think "square" was the label of choice back in my school days. I loved school (yes, I know, not everyone says that!) and being a blogger, I have a few non-blogging friends who label me a "geek" (ironic since one of them's a maths teacher!). I still tend towards liking nerdy stuff, even when travelling.

New York Public Library (on my honeymoon!)
If I'm in a new city, pointing me in the direction of a famous university or of a big library is way preferable to showing me a nightclub or pub. When I first met my step-sister in northern California a while back, the fact that she took me on an outing to Stanford University (so famous to me!) meant I liked her instantly. I still wear the T-shirt!

All this is to introduce a rather nifty set of tips that Hostelbookers has asked me to talk about: Geek Travel Tips. They asked "celebrity geeks" (ooh, how do I become one of those?!) to supply their best travel tips, then put them together for us all to enjoy.

The geek travel tips include some bizarre museums and truly geeky places (a Yoda fountain in San Francisco and the Rancho Obi-Wan are included for Star Wars freaks - I'm not one of those!). The Ghibli Museum in Japan sounds like quite an experience and its website describes it as a "portal to a storybook world" - where you, the museum visitor, are the main character. Oh, and they have a giant robot on the roof - you can have your picture taken with him. For non-queasy geeks then the Muetter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia may be your thing - sounds perfect for anyone who loves watching medical dramas on TV. For those who loved Lord of the Rings (I just couldn't get into it, sorry) they include New Zealand on the list, but for the ultimate geek-fest I think you have to go to the building where "an incredible 10 chemical elements were discovered"! - the Royal Institution in London. I'm a little bit sad that they left cool libraries off the list, but hopefully by the time they make another one I may have been promoted to a celebrity geek and they can ask me for my advice, too.

Got any nerdy spots you've loved visiting around the world? Give me some tips in the comments and I'll be sure to add them to my list ... if they're geeky enough!

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  1. Ha Ha! I'd like to be a celebrity geek, too! Did you find out how to become one?


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