Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Picture pirouette: Fishing near Albany

Albany, on the south coast of Western Australia, is not a place I usually visit as a tourist - my mother's side of the family come from around there and my uncle still fishes there.

But this is not my uncle, and I was a tourist at the time, in a sense - I took this photo when I visited Australia in between working in Japan and Slovakia, and it's certainly true that after two years in Japan, my perspective of Australia had changed dramatically. (It changed even more when I spent another three and a half years away ... cue reverse culture shock!).

If you look south from Albany, you're basically looking towards Antarctica, and sometimes it feels like you're a lot closer than you actually are! It's beautiful in summer, but in winter it can be very chilly, the seas can be rough, and there are certainly areas where fishing from the rocks is a pretty big risk to take. But this fishing scene was in early summer and despite the clouds it was still a partly sunny day. I wonder if they caught anything?


  1. It looks a pretty nice place to me, but then I am not one for great heat and it is also wonderful to be near the sea.

    Enjoyed your piece on reverse culture shock, I have felt that too. It's horrid!

    1. In that case, Jenny, you would probably adore Albany - it's a great way to enjoy Australia without suffering through heat waves.

      And thanks re the reverse culture shock - yes, not fun!

  2. What a peaceful photo. Brings salve to the soul. There's something so soothing about the art of fishing!

    I love Albany and have visited a few times as a tourist. In case you're interested I recently wrote 23 Reasons to visit Albany on my blog at Zigazag. I'd love to know what you think as a regular 'family' visitor.

    1. Thanks Jo - and yes Albany is an even more convenient destination from down your way. I saw your post headline on my reader but haven't had time to look - will pop over now! (My mother - not a huge Albany fan - would be astounded to think there could be 23 reasons to go there!)


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