Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Wanderings: Because it's 2012!

Welcome to the first Weekend Wanderings for 2012! I thought that an appropriate theme for this weekend would be, in fact, 2012. I haven't posted much about my plans for 2012 yet and so to kill those two proverbial birds with one stone, I'm going to do that here and then give you the chance to imagine the same. Read on!

First up, 2012 will most likely not be a year of international travel for me. We managed the trip to Germany and Switzerland in 2010 but now that our little man is about to turn two years old, we have the strong feeling that a flight to Europe or in fact anywhere too far is just too much for us. He's a pretty energetic fellow and we figure there's no need to inflict the torture of trying to make him sit still for hours at a time when we could just wait a year or two and he'll deal with it a lot better.

Will Melbourne be my first big trip of 2012?

Having said that, I'm determined to take advantage of the fact that under-twos fly free on domestic airlines so there should be at least an interstate trip coming up in the near future. The most obvious destination for a quick trip for me is to Melbourne where I have so many friends that I miss a lot, but then I wonder if I'd be better off going somewhere entirely new - and then I remember there'll be a small boy with me! We'll see how that pans out! As for the rest of the year, there will definitely be a few more trips around Western Australia and perhaps some planning for something more adventurous in 2013.

Other than that, I've got lots of exciting things under way for Not A Ballerina. Keep watching this space and you should see a beautiful makeover, an eBook (or possibly two) and who knows what else - it's going to be a big blogging year.

And now it's over to you - have you got a post in your archive to link up that has some meaning to you for 2012? It might be a post about your 2012 resolutions, or your travel plans for 2012, but it might equally be a post you've written about a place you'd like to go to (a la my Kenyan giraffe dream) or something you'd love to repeat in 2012 - I don't mind! Check the Weekend Wandering guidelines if you're joining up for the first time and don't forget to visit the other linked up posts so you can discover some great new posts. I'm linking up to my post on New Zealand because I think this is the only overseas country I'm remotely likely to get to during 2012!


  1. Melbourne is a good choice Amanda, what a lovely city, so very European I find, wonderful shopping and restaurants...

    1. So true Sami, and what's more the wonderful shopping and restaurants are much cheaper than Perth! If I didn't have family here in Perth I think it's very likely we'd have moved to Melbourne when we returned from Germany. And so many of my Perth friends have moved there, another reason to go!

  2. I wish I could just make a quick trip to Melbourne - Australia is a dream destination for me!!

    1. Fair point Lisa but from your part of the world there are so many other places which are just short flights away! We need to swap for a while perhaps :-)


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