Friday, October 07, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: Food, glorious food!

Time to wander around the web for a weekend again with my next instalment of Weekend Wanderings. As it happens, I'm feeling a bit peckish so I decided the theme of this weekend's Wanderings should be FOOD.

Picking my favourite food post from the archives was quite tricky. After considering my giant okonomiyaki and my very sweet Brazilian brigadeiro, I finally settled on my post on Colombian ajiaco soup. This soup scores high on the sentimental value points since we eat it every winter with the same special friends, and on top of that, it is truly delicious.

Super-delicious ajiaco
So check out your own blog's back list and link up below with your favourite post about food. I can't wait to travel the world through your cuisines ... although I will try to do it on a full stomach lest your posts make me want to go off and eat way more than I should!

If you haven't joined up before, take a quick look at the Weekend Wanderings guidelines, and remember to have a look at the other links - share and share alike, as they say! 


  1. People keep talking about okonomiyaki and I'd never even heard of it till this week. I had obviously better try some!

  2. Yes, you must, it's delicious! It's funny, though, because there is so much Japanese food on offer outside Japan, and okonomiyaki is usually loved by every foreigner who tries it, yet it's rarely sold in Japanese restaurants. What a shame!


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