Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: A few of our favourite things

Ready for another fascinating round of Weekend Wanderings? I am, and this time the topic I've picked is "favourite things". One, because I'm a massive Sound of Music fan and have had "My Favorite Things" running round me head for a couple of days, and two, because I have had a postcard of my favourite building on my pin-up board for a while now and was looking for another excuse to talk about it.

So I'll tell you one of my favourite things first: St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. How can you not love it? Take a look:
St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow
I mean, this architect was making going to church so pleasurable that you would even want to sit outside and stare at the church for hours before going in (I can tell you that inside is gorgeous too - but not used as a church anymore). I had wanted to see this for so long before I first managed to visit Russia and was so excited to stand in front of it in real life.

Okay, enough of my favourite - on to yours! A favourite town, a favourite beach, a favourite day, a favourite food - I'm open to reading about anything you're passionate about! If you haven't played along with us before have a quick look through the Weekend Wanderings rules, then link up your post below, and have a look through some of the other favourite things you'll find there. Enjoy!


  1. Oh wow. I love checking out pretty temples and churches.

  2. I've never been to Moscow before, but I'll look forward to! I've heard (and seen photos, too) that the metro stations look like real art galleries.


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