Monday, October 10, 2011

T-shirt travel: Stocking up in St Petersburg

It's (almost) a whole month since I last mentioned Russia, so here I go again. I actually remember very well when I bought this T-shirt, at a stall outside near the Peter & Paul Fortress in St Petersburg. After almost three weeks on the Trans-Siberian and without access to a washing machine in Moscow either, my hand-washed, dried-in humid-bathrooms clothes were leaving a lot to be desired. That made me a real sucker for a cheap tourist T-shirt.

Nevsky Prospekt, as shown on my (wrinkly) T-shirt, is actually the main street in downtown St Pete's. It's a gorgeous main street too - wide, long, and full of fascinating sights, both touristy and everyday. Although you have to turn off it down one of the city's many canals (it's not called the Venice of the North for nothing) to reach my all-time favourite spot in St Petersburg - the Church on Spilled Blood.

I could drone on about St Petersburg for a hundred years, but instead I'll save up some of my other ramblings for a post another day. More than anything, right now I feel quite grateful to be living in the one spot for a while so I can regularly put my T-shirts through the washing machine. One of the big positives of not travelling. (Yes, there are some. Phew.)

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