Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My Kiva loan to Peru and the Not A Ballerina Kiva team

It was time again. My Kiva borrowers just keep paying back their loans on time so I had enough money sitting in my Kiva account to hop online and find another worthy entrepreneur to give a loan to. For those not in the know, Kiva is an organisation which helps predominantly small business owners in mostly developing countries by giving them a loan to help them expand their business somehow, and they pay it back (without interest). People like you and me get involved by loaning US$25 (or more, of course) and whammo, we make the world a slightly better place!

This time I decided my loan should go to South America - I've made two to Africa (Togo and South Sudan) and one in Asia (Tajikistan), so it was about time I sent my money to another spot. It didn't take me much browsing to find my target this time - a woman in Peru, close to my age, whose name is also Amanda. She runs a small general store and will spend her loan on buying more products to sell (including cookies, in fact - another point in her favour?!). She's from Ucayali in Peru and when I went looking I found this simply gorgeous picture of a sunrise in Ucayali - so I'm sharing it here.

Sunrise in Ucayali, Peru
While I was cruising around the Kiva site I remembered to do something I've wanted to do for ages - I have set up a Not A Ballerina team and I encourage any of my readers who are Kiva lenders - or who would like to be - to join my team. You still make your loans as an individual but you can also see how much of an impact we as a team can make - you know, the more the merrier! You can click through on my team invitation link to join me and then allocate new loans you make to our team.

Thanks to sdpuckett for the photo.


  1. What a good idea. I cut out something about this in the UK and put it by, will dig it out.

  2. Kiva's great Jenny - you can also have a look through my other Kiva posts under the Kiva tag if you want to get some more info about it.

  3. Yes, I really do think it's a wonderful idea - what's more it's quite addictive once you get involved!

  4. I am definitely signing up to the team! we are on our third loan now and yes it really doesn't take long for them to be paid back and move on to the next one!

  5. Ooh yay Rach welcome to the team! It will feel like multiplying the power of our contributions if we can see what a few of us are doing, I reckon :-)


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