Monday, October 24, 2011

10 secrets of this travel blogger

It's meme time again. For all you non-bloggers, that means I've been tagged (by the lovely Rachel) to write a blog post on this particular topic: 10 things you probably didn't (and don't need to?!) know about me. Given that I've had a weekend with very little sleep (thanks to a small boy, not because I've been partying hard!), I welcomed the inspiration for a Monday post, but now that I'm trying to come up with ten secrets I'm not sure my brain can cope. Let's try!
  1. I've never been to Bali. If you grew up in Perth you would know that for a Western Australian, this is tantamount to saying you have never been out of your own suburb. Bali holidays are cheaper and quicker from Perth than going anywhere else (yes, even to somewhere else within Australia). I guess one day I'll go. I've just never been that keen. 
  2. I know how to gut a fish using chopsticks. This is not a skill I practice very often (I learnt it in Japan) but I have managed to teach it to my Dad so I guess you could say I have mastered it.
    "Fishing" in Japan
  3. When I first visited a Japanese onsen (spa) I had absolutely no idea about the etiquette of undressing and washing oneself. I had to sneak embarrassed looks at my (unclothed) Japanese friend to copy what she was doing.
  4. I have attended kendo tournaments in Japan, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. My ex-boyfriend had a dream of learning kendo (a Japanese martial art which, I believe, features heavily in Star Wars sword fights) and I was the semi-willing co-traveller.
  5. I once (almost literally) bumped into a then-famous sumo wrestler but he was so enormously huge in real life that I lost my nerve and didn't ask for a photo with him. I did, however, watch him demolish a massive lunch in about 2.65 seconds.
    Kendo tournament in Prague (not many onlookers!)
  6. When I was travelling on the Trans-Siberian I had an unpleasant experience on the toilet, when the provodnitsa (the woman in charge of the train carriage) threatened to unlock the door on me in the middle of me doing my business. She wanted to lock the door as we were approaching a station and she was pretty scary. I hurried up.
  7. I actually enjoyed an orange juice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it when I visited Germany as a teenager. Now the idea repulses me! (The local teenagers told me it was the in thing. They all drank them!)
  8. I have only ridden a tandem bike once in my lifetime, and it was on the Japanese island of Okinawa.
    Tandem bike in Okinawa (the other rider dismounted to take the photo!)
  9. I was struck with a strong urge to break through the protective cover and actually touch Anne Frank's diary when I visited the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam. Fortunately I managed to control this urge.
  10. If I could travel somewhere right this minute, it would be to Barcelona, as I have a craving for a particularly-good caramel-filled churro I enjoyed there.
If you want to catch up on ALL the online gossip about me, I've also got lists of seven new things and ten pieces of information which are all about me and the stories behind my travels. If you get through all that you'll probably know more about me than my husband does!

And finally, such a meme usually requires I tag some other bloggers to have a go at the same thing. So, for some of my blogging friends like The Wanderfull TravelerThe Ponder Room, Sami's Colourful World, jacsbac, Margaret River Correspondent, Amanda Alessi, Likes to Write and A Taste of Travel, please feel free to be inspired by this meme and write your own post on 10 things we don't know about you - I'll be very keen to read the gossip!


  1. Some funny ones here! I also have never been to Bali and don't really have any desire to go there. I know what you mean about that being weird for a West Aussie - it really is a given that all West Aussies go there it seems.
    I'll meet you in Barcelona for that Churro. Perhaps we can have some genuine tapas while we are there too! I remember trying to get all veg tapas whilst in Barcelona and being served an array of potato dishes! they were all delicious though!

  2. Oh how good to hear I am not the only West Aussie who hasn't been to Bali! Yes let's go to Barcelona instead. We can brush up on our Spanish first to make sure we get all the best vegetarian tapas. And a few churros to wash that down!

  3. Thanks for the tag Amanda. I have never been to Bali either, and I have been in Perth for just over 4 years. I hear so many good and bad things about it that I can´t decide if I would like to go or not.

  4. You're welcome Sami. I know what you mean about Bali. I think I might include it one day in a bigger trip around Indonesia - I feel like I do need to go at least once!

  5. Your ON Girl!! The 'challenge' is accepted by myself, as Catherine Powell of Margaret River Correspondent. I loved reading your 10 things. I too have been on the Trans Siberian. Perhaps we could drink tea and eat RAW chocolate and compare trips.

  6. Great I love it. Kinda relates to your post on my blog. Like talking to your friend.

  7. Thanks Travel Fool - yep you're quite right. And on a related note I have made quite a few "actual" friends via my blog (and they're not travel bloggers). I like your style!


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