Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: Your round-numbered posts!

It's on again. Bloggers, get ready to link up below to share one of your favourite posts with the world again; readers, be prepared to start wandering the web and discovering some new blogs. Yes, it's Weekend Wanderings time!

I had so much fun looking back at my 100th, 200th, 300th and 400th posts this week that I thought I'd give you the chance to do the same. Well, in a small version. Pick a suitable "anniversary" post - a round number, at least, if you haven't made it into hundreds - and do let us know in your link title what number post it is (like I did with #250). As usual, though travel blogs are my big love, I'm not discriminatory and welcome any bloggers!

Since you've already seen all my "hundreds" posts this week, I thought I'd look back at half way, so I've linked up to my 250th post, about some of the things I learned about life (and me) after my first year of living abroad. And yes, it includes cute pictures of my former Japanese students (who are now - eek - getting close to starting university!).

If you haven't joined up before, take a quick look at the Weekend Wanderings guidelines, and remember to have a look at the other links - share and share alike, as they say!


  1. AAARRRGHHH!! Sorry, forgot to add that my contribution to the list is my #100th post!! As the milestone passed me by when it happened, I'll celebrate it now!

    Thanx for the opportunity - and GREAT idea!!

  2. No worries, mate! You'll see you were not the only one to forget that bit!! Glad to have you here - adore your blog - lots of the best bits of Oz!


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