Thursday, September 01, 2011

Picture pirouette: Sailing ship near Nida, Lithuania

I had a magical day on the Curonian Spit in Lithuania a few years back. Perhaps you've never heard of the Curonian Spit - I certainly hadn't - but it's a funny skinny bit of land running through the Baltic Sea, half of it belongs to Lithuania, and half of it is Kaliningrad, a tiny piece of Russia which is unconnected to the rest of Russia (strange, hey!).

It was a day with a bit of everything - a film crew were working on a movie in the sand dunes, I played mini-golf on a slightly overgrown outdoor course, I watched a rather wrinkly woman go skinny-dipping in the Baltic Sea, and I saw sailing ships like this. All in all, a highly recommended spot.


  1. The ocean looks really calm and peaceful. Yes indeed a great place to have a trip and whats interesting about Curonian Spit is the it has a highest moving sand dunes in Europe. From its outer beaches to dune ridges, meadows, and forests.

  2. Yes I had a climb over some of the sand dunes - pretty spectacular!


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