Thursday, September 22, 2011

Picture pirouette: Flowers in the Netherlands

I've given you a peek at some of the magic of the Keukenhof Gardens before, but there's more. Much more! With a little boy whose favourite word is "flower" at the moment, I wish I could whisk him over to the Netherlands (oh, and adjust things to the right season) so he could spend a day saying "flower, flower, flower!" as we wandered around these incredible gardens.

In fact, given my mother's love of tulip, perhaps a well-timed visit to Keukenhof could also satisfy my grand plan of having another exciting mother and daughter trip sometime in the future? Probably by that stage the small boy's interests will have moved on from flowers to trucks or karate or girls, but you never know.


  1. The flowers look beauriful, Amanda. Fabulous photos

  2. Thanks Jenny! The flowers did the trick, not the photographer :-) easy to take good photos of a gorgeous subject!


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