Wednesday, September 21, 2011

China dreaming - literally

I guess as a travel blogger it's no surprise that scenes in my dreams often take place in foreign countries, but the other night this went a step further and I dreamt about being in a country that I've never actually visited: China. (In fact, I tried to visit China on the way to my Trans-Siberian trip but SARS and flight cancellations waylaid me).

In my dream, I had apparently just arrived in a small town in China to live for some time (I presume as a teacher), and I'm afraid to say I'd been allocated a particularly dirty and dusty flat, whose entrance was through a large array of scaffolding.

I headed off to a nearby pharmacy - apparently the only shop nearby, and although it looked nothing like the one I visited in Japan on my first night there, it is curious that I also tried shopping at a pharmacy for necessities like food when I first hit Osaka! Unlike my apartment, the pharmacy was very modern, and through the window I saw a towel and thought I could get rid of some of the dust using that. Unfortunately when I made it to the counter, I realised the towel was part of a display and not for sale.

While in the pharmacy, I saw a guy advertising very cheap medical treatments on the back of his T-shirt - just 2 Yuan - and I realised I needed to look up the exchange rate when I got back to my apartment. Now that I type that, I'm pretty surprised - one of my pet hates is people who land in a country without knowing what the local currency is worth!

Anyway, China still remains on my list of places to travel to one day - and I hope it will be more spectacular than what my dream suggested. Have you been to China - or do you want to? And what are you tips on the best places to visit? Let me know below (but I don't need any more visits to Chinese pharmacies, thanks!).

Thanks to kafka4prez and hsingy for the pics via Flickr CC.


  1. Such a detailed dream! I haven't been to Chine either. I lived in Sth Korea for a year (teaching contract) and loved it. I had planned to "pop over" to Chine while I was there but didn't ever make the trip. Wonder if the dream means China will be your next destination??

  2. Ooh I wonder if that's what it means? Probably a dream interpreter would tell me it means I need to clean out my medicine cabinet or something instead :-( but I will stick with your interpretation!!

  3. Haha! photographed the dream...
    The first thing I had to do in Zurich was go to the pharmacist becasue I'd forgotten the toothpaste. I discovered it cost about 3 times as much as it did in London and it took me about an hour to find it in the gigantic shopping mall. Actually I loathe pharmacies.

  4. Funny Jenny, yes I had a similar Swiss experience - I can't remember now what I needed but I remember the shock of how expensive it was!! (A nightmare instead of a dream!!)


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