Monday, September 26, 2011

Chileans rate as great tourists and I agree

ESL class party with Chileans circled. Find out why below!
My friend I-Lyn (previously mentioned for her discovery of tigers in Denmark) sent me an article on the World's best tourists last week and as I suspected from the title, it was both a bit odd and rather controversial! I guess anything categorising people by their nationality can be risky. I do it occasionally - I wasn't scared to say that Japanese people are lovely but it did make me a bit nervous to suggest that some Americans might need to travel more. But let me plough on because in some ways this list is kind of hilarious. To summarise, the world's best tourists (phew! what a big statement!) are:
  1. Chilean
  2. German
  3. American
  4. Swedish
  5. Japanese
  6. Italian
  7. Australian
  8. Chinese
  9. English
  10. Canadian
There are all kinds of bizarre and not-quite-so-bizarre reasons why the author of the article chose the nationalities he did, but the funniest is for number one - the Chileans. Or should I say Chilean, singular, because it seems that he has only ever met one Chilean, and had a particularly good experience with her, and has thus rated Chileans in the #1 spot. Well, I can do better because I have met at least two Chilean tourists, and they were wonderful people (hello Javier and Carolina!) so I agree!

Of course, I have my own stories about the way certain people from certain nationalities behave in certain situations, and although there are some definite trends I would be really hesitant to put these stereotypes in print. I guess I just have to pleased that we Aussies have come in at spot #7 on this list. Although according to the article I am not an Aussie because I don't follow the "Identifying travel feature" of Australians:
Wearing the Aussie uniform of shorts, singlet and flip-flops regardless of local climate or cultural sensitivities.
For proof, see this picture of me in Finland in -14 degrees C - no shorts and thongs for me here.

And on that chilly note, I'll leave you to go away and laugh about your favourite crazy tourist stories. Or share them below? But without nationalities, perhaps!


  1. Stop press ... I heard from my Chilean friend Javier who said "Actually, we are strange Chilean tourists, but we are trying to improve the Chilean stereotype" ... so there goes my theory LOL!

  2. We had been living in Germany for 1 month, when we took a bus tour to Paris. Being the only non-Germans on the bus, we were the odd-ones out, but we then found the Germans odd as in any restaurant we visited they would ask for potatoes with everything, even when not served with the specific dish, instead of eating the French dishes as they were meant to be. We later learned Germans loved potatoes! We all have our oddities I supposed.

  3. LOL yes you are right Sami we certainly all do have our oddities. Actually in my husband's case (he's German) he does not go mad over adding potatoes but no matter what I cook he will insist on pulling out the loaf of bread from the fridge and eating several slices with his meal, whether it suits it or not. They are great carb-loaders!

  4. I've had really good (though limited, maybe 4 or 5 people?) experiences with the Swiss so far. Awesome and intelligent people that have been great to hang out with, so they should totally be on the list!

    A couple of negative stereotypes about other nationalities, but maybe its best not to go there?

  5. Stephen, 4 or 5 people beats our Chilean sample sizes (1 and 2) so we'd better put the Swiss right up the top! In fact my brother-in-law is Swiss and he's fantastic so I have to agree.

    And I agree - let's stick to the nice end of the spectrum!


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