Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Around Australia in a van: Mining at Muswellbrook

Moving down from Queensland, the next stop in my family's semi-circumnavigation of Australia by van was, well, New South Wales (a fact that will be very obvious to Australian readers, but perhaps not to others). I don't quite remember the connection (although I'm pretty sure my mother will email me about it as soon as she reads this post) but we had a family friend living and working in Muswellbrook in the Hunter Valley (Silent W in its name, in case you're wondering).

This man we knew worked at the coal mine there and was apparently important enough to invite visitors to explore the mines and one of its ginormous trucks. We got to pretend to drive one and to climb all over it as well, and they surely are incredible because even the wheels are significantly taller than me.

Such an Australian thing to do - exploring a mine. Later in life I got to see mines up close in Kalgoorlie and Newman back here in Western Australia, but I have never since had the chance to "drive" one of the trucks. These days mines are apparently very keen to hire female drivers for their trucks - no offence guys, but we gals are better (and safer) at it! - but until blogging and writing really sends me broke, I will probably avoid signing up to drive in a mine.


  1. Must have been fun sitting in those huge trucks. Now, probably more intimidating than fun!

  2. I think you're right Sami - I would probably freak out if someone told me to drive one!!!

  3. Wow. I had to do a double-take to realize that was a truck. That thing is HUGE!

  4. LOL yes you're right - it's truly massive. I'm surprised I wasn't terrified of it as a child!

  5. This trip is so exciting! (This is my first time popping by :) ) And this instalment reminds me of the time my family and I stopped in Coober Pedy on our road trip from Canberra to Uluru :)

  6. Thanks Hannah - glad you're enjoying it - so am I! Ooh a Canberra to Uluru road trip would be cool too ... and I've never been to Coober Pedy but would love to, the whole underground stuff sounds so cool!


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