Thursday, September 29, 2011

Apologies to Spain and the Mas Nou swimming pool

I had another look through my old travel diaries (from 25 years ago in Europe) the other night and found what is probably the reason why my nine-year-old self was not impressed by Spain:

See the fine print? Under this attractive-looking (well, for the 80s) swimming pool at Mas Nou Caravan Park on the Costa Brava, Spain, I've written
It looks nice but when we got there it was yuck. 
Very profound! I have often wondered why Spain features so low in my recollections of our time in Europe and I think I may have hit upon it. Swimming pools were a very important feature of caravan parks for my sister and I both during our European trip and a few years later as we campervanned around Australia, and if this place ended up with a rating of "yuck" it probably tinged my entire Spanish experience. I hadn't even remembered or really realised that I had been to Barcelona before until I saw a caravan park receipt for a city spot in this diary. It took me a while to return to Spain and I have really only explored Barcelona, but I adored it!

Now, I have done my research - the way we couldn't back then, online - and found out that the poor Mas Nou Caravan Park still exists. The photos (the modern ones) make it look lovely. I wonder what it's like today? My sister's off to Spain shortly so I might have to send her on a research trip for me!


  1. That´s funny. I hope your sister comes back with a better review of that caravan park. Often the pics on brochures look a lot better than the real thing unfortunately. Seville and Barcelona are my favourite cities in Spain.

  2. Haha! I totally hear you about Spain. I personally didn't really dig Barcelona that much, though Madrid was much better.

    And I've been following all these press/blogger trips that are touting just how wonderful it is so I may give it another shot.

    Would love to see a side-by-side "then" and "now" shot of that Caravan Park.

  3. @ Sami, I guess you visited Spain frequently when you lived in Portugal - I've never been to Seville but I will remember your recommendation.

    @ Lola, good to hear I'm not the only one - but yes perhaps we both need to give it some more chances!


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