Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: Asia, Asia and more Asia!

It's Weekend Wanderings time again, when I invite all my bloggy friends (and bloggy strangers!) to link up one of their old posts so both bloggers and readers can discover some interesting new blogs. I've been contemplating future holidays this week and with Asia on our doorstep (pause for interesting fact: Perth is closer to Indonesia than Sydney) it's an obvious destination. Despite that, I haven't seen much of south-east Asia and only consider I have a reasonable grasp on Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore. So there's plenty left for me to see - yay! And your posts might help me find my dream destination.

So, if you haven't joined in before, please have a quick look at the Weekend Wanderings rules, then link up one of your blog's posts on Asia. Of course, as usual, I'm pretty flexible, so posts about Asian food or festivals or culture in some way - even if it's your local Chinese restaurant - qualify too.

About to flip the giant okonomiyaki ("cabbage pancake") in Osaka
My contribution to the Asian edition of Weekend Wanderings was a difficult one to pick - I've written plenty that fit - but I've gone with one of my favourite unusual experiences in Japan, watching the cooking of the world record-breaking giant okonomiyaki at Osaka Castle Park. This is probably very different from other Asian experiences you might be able to read about below - but that's Asia, right? Full of all kinds of interesting things to see and people to meet.

Happy weekend linking and reading!

This linky list is now closed.


  1. Lovely idea! No posts for me to link but will enjoy reading posts from others. I have had some lovely times in South East Asia, but all a long time ago, before the children came along. However! We are off to Bali in the next school hols - yippee, yippee!

  2. Thanks Seana! Bali is so, so close to Perth but I've never been - one of those "I can go there any time" situations I suppose. One day!

  3. I've only been to Japan myself (twice - came back to stay in Osaka for 2 months), and am looking forward to Korea, Taiwan next month and hopefully SE Asia later this year. Re Kyoto: I still don't like it much... too expensive and touristy. I love Nara Prefecture and its temples though!

  4. I agree Steffi - Nara is so much less touristy yet easily as interesting. I loved both Korea and Taiwan - both have some similarities to Japan but are still really different - and both have fantastic food!! Enjoy.


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