Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Web pirouette: More travel writing than I thought

At my blogging course on the weekend, one of the participants asked me about the pirouette tag which seemed to have more posts attached to it than any other. Apart from explaining it was a great example of the "ballerina syndrome" (by which inexperienced bloggers choose "clever" titles which are absolutely hopeless when it comes to people searching for them), it's a tag where I record the other travel writing I've been doing lately.

Seurasaari, Helsinki, in mid-winter
I have the feeling that I do a lot less these days but when I actually sat down to put together this post, I realised I'm doing a lot more freelance writing than I'd realised - and it's still a lot of fun. So without further rambling, here is a selection of some of the travel writing that's helped paid my mortgage these past few months:

  • Something I have trouble thinking back to - How to pick your destination for your first trip abroad. I've been trying to be less judgemental of others and in doing so recognised that lots of people have quite reasonable concerns and fears about travelling, and so I've tried to help them out ...
  • Despite my reservations about its grey weather, I did manage to put together a post on 25 fun things to do  in England - without mentioning London once.
  • For people around Perth or visitors to my fair city, I've got a great Japanese restaurant - Shou Japanese Kitchen in the northern suburbs - and a fantastic brand new cafe, Louis Baxters in Subiaco - ready for your dining and drinking pleasure.
  • Remembering back to my early travelling days when most museums just didn't excite me (they do now!), I also wrote a piece on 9 tips to make sure museums and galleries are never boring.
  • And as I sat shivering through a (not very cold) Perth winter my mind was cast back to my time in (properly cold) Finland, with my piece on Tips for things to do in Helsinki. And yes, that's why there's that chilly-looking photo from Helsinki up above.

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