Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Tasmanian travel tips: I'm asking, not giving!

I know, usually I'm the one telling you guys all about travelling, after all, I am a travel blogger. But this time I thought that before I travel I'll ask you guys for some tips. It can't just be one-way traffic here, you know!!

You see, I'm currently planning a short trip to the beautiful island of Tasmania. For non-Aussies amongst my readers, Tasmania is an island state dangling off the bottom right corner of Australia, and I like to liken it to Europe - or at least to say it's the most European part of Australia. I've actually been there once before but it's well over ten years ago, and this time there's an important difference - we'll be travelling with an 18-month old boy in tow!

Richmond Bridge
So, what I'm really after are your helpful tips on the must-sees of Tassie, with a caveat that a small boy will be involved. What I remember last time is fantastic scenery and great food, and more of those will be great. Of course, my husband's never been to Tasmania, and I'll be trying to impress him with the diversity of my homeland (and given that he is oddly a big fan of Cadbury's - oddly because he's from Milka country! - the Cadbury factory may go a long way towards impressing him).We're heading down towards the end of the year when (fingers crossed) the weather should be reasonably warm.

Port Arthur
I will be terribly grateful if you can chime in with your Tassie tip below, whether you're a genuine authentic Tasmanian or just someone who's been there, or even just somebody who's heard about a great spot there. I'm not fussy and I will cherish every suggestion. Of course, I reserve the right to ignore them too, especially if they involve any extreme sport type action. Chocolate suggestions will all be accepted, though. Thanks in advance!

Thanks to Christopher Neugebauer for the Richmond Bridge pic and to elisfanclub for the Port Arthur one.


  1. Hey Amanda... I was just reading your post on themed trips on another site and clicked to find out more about you and I see you're talking about visiting my home state! Brilliant.
    Cadbury's factory, yes is good. If you're in the North (or driving from Devonport off the Spirit of Tasmania), then stop by Anvers Chocolate Factory - the cafe does great food (in addition to the amazing hot chocolate and plates of chocolates), the shop is good and chocolate amazing, and there is a lovely garden to sit in if the weather is good.
    For other foodie goodness, Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm and Ashgrove Cheese farm (the wasabi cheese is pretty cool) are well sign posted on the drive south to Hobart. Lots of really good wineries around the state too.
    If you are driving from North to South, the highway by-passes lots of little towns, so always worth pulling off to check out some of the local attractions - Ross is worth a visit for the famed bridge.
    Port Arthur is a must see - stay overnight if you can and do a ghost tour as otherwise it's a pretty big day trip from Hobart, especially if you've got a little one with you. You might also want to stop off at the Tasmanian Devil Park while you're down there to see some devils. Try to coordinate a visit around feeding time... that's always interesting!.
    Also down south, is Richmond - historic bridge, historic gaol, cool maze and I seem to remember rather good tea rooms and a sweet shop in my youth.
    If you're in Hobart, a cruise down the river is a great way to see the city. And there's Mount Wellington of course for a good view back across the city and harbour. You can also get a really nice view of the city from Rosny Point on the eastern side of the river.
    There's heaps to see and do. Enjoy!

  2. Fantastic tips Donna, thanks so much!

    I also got some tips from a Facebook fan:

    Hire a car. Take cds for little fella. If you go near Stanley (not far from Devonport) then I recommend you check out "the nut" - basically a small mountain with the worlds freshest air and the most beautiful views. It's an easy walk for free or u can get the chairlift.

  3. the Cadbury factory is a must (for you!) they let you eat as much as you want and fill up your pockets along the way!!!! *heaven!!!!*

    I also loved Richmond when we were there. they had the most delicious food (i still remember and it was maybe 12 years ago!) and this cool maze - R might like that, or J!

    overall loved my tassie trip, even though it was with my mum in a campervan for 10 days! Enjoy and don't forget to pack jumpers, jumpers, jumpers and raincoats :)

  4. you might want to make more inquiries about touring Cadbury because last I heard, the tour was no longer happening.

    The north west of Tassie is beautiful, we used to have a house there, gorgeous part of the state. Also the west coast, Strahan is beautiful and you could do a cruise up the Gordon River.


  5. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Terrible news, stink-bomb! I think you might be right - I just checked the website and at they describe what visitors can do and specifically say there's no access to the manufacturing parts of the factory but you can see it being moulded etc - perhaps it is a very pared down version of the original tour. I'm sure when I went about 15 years ago we walked through most parts of the factory.

    Just discovered the Gordon River possibilities yesterday so will definitely look into it - we decided to spend two nights in Strahan so I'm glad to hear it's beautiful (I'm pretty sure I went there before but can't remember it at all!).


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