Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Stop press: Free loans on Kiva

Edit: Despite doubling the number of free loans they'd planned to offer, this campaign was so successful that they've all been used. Thanks to all the people I know who signed up - well done! More than half of the people who signed up via my link went on to give a second, paid loan yesterday too. That's fantastic.

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll have heard me banging on about Kiva loans in the past. If you haven't (and don't want to wade through all my posts about it, which is fair enough), let me summarise: great organisation, provides loans for people in (mostly) developing countries to help them, for example, buy more stock for their small business, buy a vehicle, and so on - basically, it helps people help themselves, you can loan as little as $25 (they pool funds), and so far my loans have always been fully paid back on time - which is the norm.

And the reason I'm Kiva-ing again today is they have a special on to get people to try it - they're giving 4,000 "free loans" to new Kiva users (so when the people pay them back the money goes back to Kiva - fair enough - but you get to try out the experience without spending a cent). If you sign up using my Kiva free loan link then they will know I sent you. I get a warm, fuzzy feeling at seeing how many people I can persuade (and possibly a T-shirt) but I really just want to get the word out.

So far I've loaned money to women in Tajikistan, Togo and South Sudan - I've chosen to send mine all to individual women but there are, of course, also men needing loans, and lots of groups, too. Browse through the different people in need of loans and you'll find someone who interests you, I guarantee it.

Incidentally even Oprah has said Kiva loans are great, but I said it long before she did. Just for the record.


  1. I am a Kiva devotee too now thanks to you spreading the word and giving it the seal of approval. We have two loans on the go at the moment. It does give you a warm fuzzy feeling to be helping someone who wants to help themself. I'm spreading the word today too... matching t-shirts, here we come!

  2. Good on you Rachel - do tell us how many loans you inspire today! I know of 7 so far from my efforts and that is pretty exciting - very warm and fuzzy! Jan just spent his evening picking two people (he thought he should pay for one after the free one) instead of studying - oops!

  3. I missed out on the free loans but made one anyway. Thanks for the suggestion. I had never heard of Kiva but it looks like a great organisation.

  4. Good on you Ann - that's fantastic! I've been involved for a couple of years and I do really believe it's a great organisation. Enjoy your loaning experience!


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