Monday, August 29, 2011

Perth's big blue sky

Today's Perth sky. Blue,big and beautiful.
I've often thought, when I return to Australia from overseas, that the sky is simply bigger here. And I've heard other people say it too, so I'm not entirely mad. Obviously, it is the same sky up there, but I think living in a wide, open, flat land, with very few tall buildings around, and a heck of a lot of sunshine all goes to giving the impression that the sky up there really is bigger.

This is one of the things I really love about Perth, and Australia in general. When I lived in a tiny apartment in Japan, and didn't have much of a chance of having a clear, empty view (even in the smallish, quiet suburb of Amagatsuji where I lived in my second year there), I relished any chance to take a big trip to the mountains or sometimes the coast where the view of the sky was more undisturbed.

I guess I grew up here, and that makes a big empty sky my normal. What's your normal? Have you seen a bigger sky somewhere on your travels? Take the time to look up above your head and then let me know what you see!


  1. When I first came to Australia, the sky in my photos always got a comment from my friends in Europe - they used to say the sky was clear and blue. So it must appear so!

  2. The water and the sky contain the most lovely hues of my favourite colour, blue!
    I have never been to Australia but I have been to two places that have struck me as having some of the most beautiful sea/sky combinations. Oahu and Hawaii in general has the most gorgeous sights. The sky goes from blue to red and pink at night and you would think that Madame Pele herself is playing with the sky.
    The second place was Capri, Italy. The sky and sea was spectacular and really played well with the limescale cliffs.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  3. @ Sami, that's amazing that even in photos the "big blue sky" we have here (apparently!) came across to your European friends. (Perhaps they were excellent photos!)

    @ Murissa, yes I love blue too and love nothing more than staring at the ocean and the sky, preferably together (fortunately I can do that just a few minutes from where I live!). The Hawaiian sky sounds incredible - I must get there sometime.

  4. I'm not too sure about the sky overseas, but I always thought the sky in Perth was so much bigger than the sky in Sydney, but the colour in Sydney was more intense.

  5. I do love Perth's big blue sky. Unfortunately, I am in Melbourne where the sky is awfully grey.



  6. I am about to go O/S again and your post reminded me of that first sensation when coming back. And the fragrance of the gum trees. Always a great welcome back.

  7. @ Kymmie - sorry to hear that! That is the single drawback of Melbourne for me!

    @ Rae - yes - it is an exciting place to return to, especially after an extended trip away. It does seem so different then. Where are you off to? Have a great trip!


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