Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Blog Day, and here are six diverse blogs ...

August 31 is Blog Day (in case you didn't know) and this year it's the sixth time that Blog Day has been celebrated, making it just a matter of months younger than my own blog - how appropriate! To celebrate Blog Day this year, bloggers around the world will be putting together posts listing six new blogs that are from different cultures and topics to their own - a nice little experiment in blog and reader diversity, I guess.

As you'll know from my recent post on my advanced blogging course, I'm no stranger to blogs from different topics, but of course those blogs all originate from people living in Perth and thus don't exactly qualify for Blog Day. So I've sifted through my RSS feed and wandered around the web to bring you some of my favourite but rather random (in origin and topic) blogs. Some are large and popular; others are small, new and (so far) little-known. But they're all worth reading, IMHO.

  1. Birding for a Lark. Clever title, hey? I'm a bit jealous. Now, I'm not exactly a birding person myself, mostly because beyond differentiating a magpie from a crow I'm not too talented, but this blog still interests me. Currently Rob's birding is taking place largely in Bulgaria, before that it was Libya, which is how I'd heard of his blog as he befriended my old colleagues Helen and Andy of Two Drifters.
  2. Parenting, Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. As a newish parent, I adore this blog. The concept is great and I wish I'd thought of it. It's exactly as the title says and uses simple pictures drawn in Paint to illustrate the typical tales of parenting you'll find in any parenting blog, but the pictures just make it hilarious and so lifelike.
  3. Em's Journey. Blogging really began as journalling, I think, and this blog shows you exactly why. This is a friend of a friend who's fighting breast cancer at the moment and her blog entries are the raw truth on how she's going. She's so upbeat and positive about it and I think these kind of blogs are so important and inspiring to people who come across them later when they're going through something similar.
  4. This is Not the Six Word Novel. Definitely on the famous side of blogs, this one has a spin-off book on the way! It's written by Jen Campbell who works in bookselling in the UK and often writes about the bizarre questions bookshop customers ask and so the book that's coming is "Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops". And you'd be surprised how weird they can be!
  5. Project 183. I've been following Heath's blog for years - he's an Aussie ex-pat in London at the moment - as he tries to complete 183 goals he's set himself. They're quite diverse which makes it interesting and his latest post about competing in a Scrabble tournament (without training!) is hilarious.
  6. Free Amigurumi Patterns. I told you this list would be diverse! A little known fact about me is that I don't mind doing the odd spot of crocheting in my free time. (Ha! Like I have free time these days!). Anyway, this site has provided me with a few handy patterns. Cute stuff. 


  1. thanks Amanda - these are great. I love that you chose some really diverse blogs. I struggled to think of many because I haven't found a lot of diverse blogs yet - most of them are parent related... anyway i loved your list (read it the other day but just got round to checking them out and commenting) - my fav is the parenting. with crappy pictures. yep i wish i had thought of that too... also loved the project 183 - fun!
    thanks sharing some great blogs :) xx

  2. Thanks Rach - yes I have a few different blogs in my feed reader so I definitely went searching for some of my more diverse ones - it was a lot of fun. Glad you enjoyed them! xx


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