Monday, August 08, 2011

German not-quite-cuisine - I want some Currywurst

Currywurst mit Pommes
If this photo makes you hungry, it is totally not my fault - blame Ally at The Alibi who wrote about eating Currywurst in Berlin last week. If it doesn't make you hungry and you're wondering what on earth it really is, read on and all will be revealed.

Currywurst, if you haven't had the pleasure of snacking on it in Germany, consists of a chopped up sausage covered in a sauce made from tomato ketchup mixed with curry powder. Well, that's the simple version of it, and that's how I like to recreate it here. Some of you may remember that I'm semi-vegetarian but this is by upbringing more than moral choice so it happens that Currywurst is on my approved list of foods! You can buy it all over Germany from little snack stands and it is inevitably served in one of these flimsy paper plates and yes, the last time I had one (last year in Koblenz) I managed to spill some down a white T-shirt. So beware.

But try it. Currywurst is such a part of German life that there is even a song about it. And I'm not talking an advertising jingle or something (like we Aussies might say of our Happy Little Vegemites song) but a song by a popular pop singer, Herbert Gronemeyer.

Of course, the lyrics are in German but it's basically a song about a bloke who's really craving Currywurst and wants his brother-in-law to come with him and get one. You can see how much the crowd get into it!

Thanks to WordRidden for the eat-me-now photo! (from Flickr under Creative Commons)


  1. You can always pop over to Hanhdorf (near Adelaide, South Australia) for your Currywurst!! Didn´t know it was that popular that it even had a song! That photo really does make you want to eat one!

  2. Yes, isn't it amazing to have a popular song about a snack?!

    We were in Hahndorf a couple of years ago looking around for some good German food but found very little - everything we found seemed very Australianised. But it was off-peak for tourist season so perhaps it's better at other times. For now we just make do with home-made Currywurst!

  3. It's good song on German, it's like "Bayern de Samma Mia" from Munich people, like it was perfomed on Rammstein concert in Munich

  4. Ah, good tip, will have to look up the Bayern song!

  5. I stared at the picture for quite a while. It looks delicious.

  6. Ha ha!!! Yes, it's VERY delicious!!!


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