Friday, August 05, 2011

Around Australia in a van: A happy Hervey Bay Christmas

In my series on our family trek around Australia I left you back in Far North Queensland, but just in time for Christmas we moved a little further south to a town called Hervey Bay (and it sounds like Harvey, despite the spelling. Can anyone explain that to me?). Kids being kids, we obviously wanted to celebrate Christmas properly and for my sister and I that involved two things: swimming and ice cream. (Apologies to northern-hemisphere-dwellers who consider Christmas in other ways!)

Look hard and you'll see us sitting next to our campervan in Hervey Bay
I loved staying in caravan parks - in fact I still do - and Christmas time in a caravan park is even more fun than usual. Obviously everyone's away from home at a traditional "family time" and that seems to make everyone extra friendly. Add warm weather to the mix and you can see from these photos that we thoroughly enjoyed a Christmas in the caravan park pool and some large bowls of ice cream.

Christmas ice cream in Hervey Bay

As for exploring Hervey Bay itself, well, being Christmas (and all those holidays around it), most things were closed. We didn't get to nearby Fraser Island and didn't do any Hervey Bay sightseeing. And now that I'm older and Googling it - it doesn't really sound like we missed too much.

This was the first of many Christmases away from home for me - and to be honest, although I like to spend some Christmases with my extended family, going away on a Christmas holiday is probably my preference more years than most! It's only just August and already the family Christmas here is being (complicatedly) planned - why didn't I book to go to Europe like my smart sister? What about you - do you like to travel at Christmas? Tell all below. You can anonymous if you're worried your family will see what you really think!!


  1. I personally prefer to spend Christmas with the family, but since we don´t have extended family since moving to Australia, we have had a Christmas holiday once. I love caravan parks too, they are a lot of fun and people are friendly, I suppose everyone is relaxed...

  2. It's funny, Sami, I was always craving family Christmases when I lived overseas - but I think complicated step-families and in-laws etc can make them all a bit too much sometimes - a lot of pressure! For me the focus is now on my little boy so as long as the three of us are together somewhere that'll be Christmas for me!(although we're definitely hoping to take him back to Europe for a white Christmas when he's a bit older).


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