Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why I blog: Bringing the foreign into everyday life

You might remember this post from last week with the photo of some snow-covered bicycles in Kemi, Finland. A lovely (Australian) reader left a comment about it on the Facebook page, passing on an experience she had while looking at it with her two young daughters. She said:
The girls were fascinated by this photo. A normal every day item in such foreign conditions. Caused great discussion!
And I was really thrilled to read this comment. It's precisely for moments like these that I write this blog. I love to talk about travel and of course I love to actually do the travel, too, but what is actually most important for me is to share what people learn from travelling. And in particular, to share the idea that there are all kinds of different "everyday lives" around the world - some people live with snow-covered bicycles, some live in drought, some wear head scarves, some eat raw fish, you get the idea - but we're also all essentially the same, and we can all get along together if we can accept the differences and embrace the similarities. (Well, we should embrace the differences too, while I'm getting all poetic on you.)

I'm lucky enough to live in a multicultural household (although being two Western cultures means we're not all that different ... sometimes!), to speak other languages regularly, to listen to non-English-language music, to have travelled to dozens of different countries and had numerous interesting (and sometimes bizarre) foreign experiences, but not everybody gets that chance. So I blog in the hope that all of the lessons I've learned on my trips can somehow get passed on, at least a little bit, to other people. I don't imagine I can change the world or achieve world peace or anything, but I can at least make two little girls think about what it might be like to live in a land where your bicycle gets covered in snow.


  1. such a warm fuzzy kind of post amanda! lovely to think that what you write is impacting on others :) i always love your posts - the ones that are familiar to me bring back so many memories of my own travel life, and the ones that are unfamiliar show me how much more there is for me to experience i this big, wonderous world.

  2. Thanks for sharing Amanda. Blogs are great for documenting your travels around the world and sharing them with others. The web can connect you to people all around the world instantly and you'll be sure to find people to listen to your voice! That is so great how you travel so much and want to help people with their travels. I recently launched www.whyiblog.com to connect bloggers by sharing their stories and listening to others. I would love to hear what you have to say since you travel and experienced many cultures. Keep up the great blogging!


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