Friday, July 08, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: The weather link-up!

This week on the blog I've been blathering on about the weather (mostly about how cold it is) and I thought - well, why stop there? So the theme for our second ever Not A Ballerina - Weekend Wanderings link-up is exactly that: weather.

I'm looking to read about your experiences, travel or otherwise, in hot weather, cold weather, snow, sleet, drought, whatever has taken your fancy in the past. I'm pretty sure every travel blogger has mentioned the weather at some stage (and it doesn't have to be the key topic of your post to qualify for a link-up - I'm not picky!) and I dare say bloggers from other areas could be partial to a spot of weather-blogging too.

If you're joining Weekend Wanderings for the first time, have a quick peek at the guidelines so you know what we're on about, and as a quick recap, remember to link up to a post from your archives, and then go and have a look at the other links posted. Share and share alike!

My contribution this week is from my short trip to Egypt, particularly the day I visited Karnak Temple. I'm used to heat, but wow, that heat was something else. I can still feel the sweat dripping off me. Fortunately despite the heat I managed to enjoy an incredible day of historical sightseeing.

So, now it's your turn - I really look forward to reading your weather-related links. And enjoy your weekend, whatever the weather happens to be like where you are!

This linky list is now closed.


  1. Great idea Amanda. I tweeted your post so hopefully others will join in as well.

  2. Thanks Natalie - appreciate the tweet! Loved your Turkish weather post.

  3. Not quite a travel weather post, but very "weathery" none the less....

  4. No worries, you know I'm a non-discriminating blogger :-) and you certainly can't get much more weathery than a post actually titled "The Weather" (still love those photos)

  5. What an interesting post and so original! I have to give this one a try! I will be back with a link :)

  6. Nelieta - thanks, glad you like it. Look forward to your link!

  7. Amanda, it's true. Every travel blogger would have mentioned about weather for sure. I have also done this in my travel blog

    Btw, your post is really interesting and crisp.


  8. Thanks KK, if you want you can pick one of your weather posts and link it up above! Thanks for stopping by.


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