Friday, July 01, 2011

Our fifth annual ajiaco: The Colombian soup tradition continues

Ajiaco: Traditional (and delicious!) Colombian soup
I'm a sucker for sentimentality and traditions, so I just have to tell you about our ajiaco tradition. We've got some great Colombian friends (previously mentioned when the female half brought back great souvenirs) and since we met, we've had a winter tradition of meeting up to eat a traditional Colombian soup, ajiaco. While they've always done the cooking, for various reasons we've held it in different places so that each year had a distinct flavour to it.

The first year, our friends were living in a tiny flat with just two chairs, so the four of us ate the meal in shifts (of course, they let us go first); the second time, they were house-sitting and after dinner we played Rummikub for hours. The third time round, their flat was larger, we drank a little too much, and it was all very lucky as our much-wanted little boy was conceived the next day! Fourth time round, the little boy was just a tiny baby, so they cooked for us at our place and this time round, we could take him with us, and he got to try the ajiaco too - he loved it, of course! And we then entertained ourselves (and him) by performing fantastic Beatles renditions on their rock band console game.

As you can see from the picture, there are a number of key ingredients to a traditional ajiaco (this is the Bogota version, I believe), including potatoes, chicken, corn cobs, capers, cream and avocado. It's an amazingly tasty combination and is heavy enough that it makes an entire meal on its own. We always go back for seconds, though, since it's just a once-a-year event!

One day, sometime, I definitely plan to visit Colombia, but in the meantime, getting together for this great annual meal is actually a little like travelling all the way to South America by only having to drive a few suburbs.


  1. So nice!

    I'm Colombian and I love this soup! Mom used to do it and it's very good

  2. Thanks Saudade, it is pretty delicious, isn't it! Did your mother teach you how to cook it too? I hope so! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. What a lovely idea. So much of your life centred around this soup! Funny how so much changes but so much stays the same!

  4. That's so true - and next year, for our sixth ajiaco, our Colombian friends will have moved house again AND had a baby, so it will be all different AGAIN!


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