Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend Wanderings: The inaugural link-up on Not A Ballerina: A Travel Blogger's Life

I promised that as part of my blog's sixth birthday celebrations I would be giving travel (and other, I'm not discriminating!) bloggers a chance to get in on the birthday action, and in fact I'm hoping to make these Weekend Wanderings a regular feature here at Not A Ballerina.

Having been inspired by the regular "Rewind" at Life in a Pink Fibro, I thought that getting a chance to look back on some of our past travel blogging posts would be a lot of fun. At the bottom of this post you'll be able to link up to a post from your blog's archive which fits this weekend's theme. The idea is that you can then visit some fellow bloggers who've also linked up - you'll discover some great old posts and some great new bloggers!

To get the ball rolling with Weekend Wanderings I thought I'd start with a topic that I really need to hear more about (as I sit here typing, rain is threatening to flood my living room): summer holidays! So bloggers, link up your favourite post on summer getaways, beaches, sunshine, warmth, basically anything to cheer me from this winter gloom! (But don't remind me that the majority of my readers are a hemisphere away and currently enjoying summer ...)

One of my favourite summer destinations: Rottnest Island, Western Australia
My summer holiday post from the archives is one I wrote last year about my favourite summer holiday destinations. I feel better already just from looking at the photos in it!

So, now it's your turn. Since it'll be everybody's first time to link up at Weekend Wanderings, it'd be great if you could have a quick look at the "rules", then link away below - can't wait to read your posts!

This linky list is now closed.


  1. I'm in. Not really a travel blogger, more of a nanna blogger....

    Would have commented on your post but I did the first time! Still love the photos of the red sea.

    Congrats on your inaugural linky.

  2. Love your new niche - "nanna blogging" :-) Thanks for being the first participant! And like I said, you don't have to be travel blogger to join in, as you can see I *even* accept nanna bloggers!!!

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to share! I rarely get a chance to do much in the way of exciting travel anymore but had been planning to post a few "memoir" type travel pieces soon. So I hope you dont mind my selected one isnt exactly summer, but it was as hot as a summer's day in Turkey, April 25, 2001!

  4. You're welcome Donna, and it's always nice to look back on past travels isn't it. Your Anzac Day experience is incredible - yes, definitely summery enough for me because I loved reading it.


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