Thursday, June 02, 2011

T-shirt travel: The Endeavour returns to Fremantle

H.M. Bark Endeavour was launched in Fremantle in 1993
Back when I was ... well, a lot younger than now, my father and I went down to Fremantle, the port town of Perth, to watch the launch of the replica of the H.M. Bark Endeavour - a replica of the ship which brought Captain Cook down here to Oz all those centuries ago (well, a couple of centuries anyway). Yes, I saw the launch, and I even got the T-shirt, and considering that was in 1993 then it's pretty impressive (or simply bizarre) that I still have the T-shirt.

But what's more impressive is that this gorgeous ship is actually coming back our way this year. These days it lives at the Australian Maritime Museum in Sydney (we might have built it, but they get to look after it ...) but it's now on a special circumnavigation of Australia. Full details on the museum's site but what I want to remember is it'll be stopping in Fremantle from 14 October to 1 November and again from 20 November to 30 December 2011. I'll be taking my family down to check it out - but will I be wearing my T-shirt? Wait and see!

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