Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Suinin's burial mound: Taking pictures while walking

The inspiration for this post is a website whose owner dropped by the Not A Ballerina Facebook page recently - and just to prove there is a website for everything these days, the site in question is called Taking Pictures While Walking and Running. Hearing about this site reminded me of a collection of photos I have from my days living in Amagatsuji, Japan. I had a great walking route which made me almost imagine I was far out in the countryside, away from any large population centre (virtually an impossible feeling to get in most of Japan!) and before I moved away, I did, in fact, take pictures while walking!

The walk went around a kind of island which was actually the burial mound (kofun - I always thought it was funny that this word was similar to "coffin") of Emperor Suinin - who was apparently the 11th emperor of Japan around the time 29 BC to 70 AD (according to Wikipedia, anyway). As you can see above, the initial part of my walk was a little narrow but it was, at least at this time of year, very green.

Halfway around, it got very pretty. This was a fairly grey, rainy day, but on a sunny day and especially in spring, this was a great place to sit and relax.

Not too much further from this was the honour-system fruit and vegetable stand - which I did sometimes use (honestly, of course!). From there it was back along the main town road and into my apartment - refreshed and feeling a bit more in touch with nature. Since I worked in Osaka - a city of eight million or so - it wasn't that easy to see green and I always appreciated living so close to so much of it.

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