Friday, June 03, 2011

Popping into Poprad: Finding Slovakia

As most of you know, I lived and worked in the Slovak capital of Bratislava for a year, teaching English mostly to business people. I adored my time there, but what I don't often admit to is that I didn't have too much idea where to actually find Slovakia when I got offered a job there. Since then, though, it's been my mission to educate everyone else about it!

To be fair, I had applied for and been given a job in Prague, in the Czech Republic. Out of the blue I received an email from the school saying they'd over-hired, but would I like a job in Bratislava? Since I'd already left my job in Japan I had little choice but to say "Yes!" and figure out later where exactly I was going.

In the main mall of Poprad, northern Slovakia
In the end, I approached Slovakia from the top. After travelling across Russia and down through the Baltic States and Poland, I crossed into Slovakia in the High Tatra mountain area and my first stop was in the town of Poprad. I've always loved that name (and the idea of titling a blog post "Popping into Poprad"), and thanks to a remarkably cheap but good hotel and a fantastic Italian meal, my one and only night in Poprad was an excellent experience. Which boded well for the rest of Slovakia.

In Poprad, about to eat a Nogger ice cream
What also boded well was that ice creams were cheap, and that they had cool names (almost as cool as Poprad!). You can see me smiling brightly in this photo in anticipation of eating a "Nogger" ice cream, which always made me think of "noggin", like I was eating somebody's head. Still tasted good though!


  1. Thanks for commenting my my "lost in translation- Slovakian Style" I'm enjoying learning about your travels!

  2. A nice post on a town in my home country.
    People usually just take a picture of mountains from there.
    This is way more funny!

  3. @ Jane, you're welcome, and I'm enjoying your blog too!

    @ Martin, glad you enjoyed it. I've got a few pictures of mountains too but I thought the ice cream was much more important ;-)


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