Thursday, June 16, 2011

My friend's going to Germany for two weeks ...

Recently I got one of those messages that I really love: a friend is going off somewhere fantastic for a holiday and is looking for advice on what to see and do. Even better, this friend had decided to spend two weeks in Germany - one of my specialities!

You might think I'm odd, but I get nearly as big a kick out of helping people plan their trips than actually travelling myself. (Nearly, but, well, nowhere near as much as going myself, obviously). Since I don't get to travel quite as often at the moment, I jumped at the chance to give my friend some ideas for two weeks in German (with her partner but their kids are staying at home with the grandies!). So, this is what I told her:

Visiting the Reichstag in Berlin
My first tip: definitely absolutely go to Berlin. For me, it is the coolest city in the world. I am always telling people about Berlin and you can read about my favourite Berlin bits. I'd stay four or five days there personally (well, I'd love to stay for months!), but a minimum of three days I'd say.

The rest depends on what you're interested in, so here are three possibilities:
  • All the car stuff (who doesn't love a good German car?!) is in the south-west (near where I lived in Heilbronn) - the Mercedes Museum (surprisingly interesting even for me as a total non-car person) and the BMW one are both in Stuttgart - and north of Stuttgart is really pretty wine country, all along the Neckar River, with Heidelberg being a highlight. This is a lovely area especially during early summer.
  • Munich and the little Bavarian towns around it (south-east of the country) are also great. Lots to see and do and plenty of good beer to drink. I'm biased towards the south west because I lived there but the south-east is also a great spot.
  • On the other hand you can go north, to Hamburg, Kiel and along the Baltic Sea coast and even out to one of the islands like Rugen. Totally different to the south! Though of course as far as islands go it's nowhere near as good as our beloved Rottnest Island. (I'm not biased ...)
Bavarian countryside
There's so many places to see in Germany - in my opinion, a country which offers much everything except for humid tropical beaches. My suggestions here are just the tip of the iceberg, and yet still more than enough for a two-week stay.

What about other travellers out there: what is your favourite part of Germany, or what part would you really like to visit? Overload my friend with some more suggestions by adding to the comments.


  1. Found your blog via a guest blogger on ProBlogger Amanda!
    My favorite spot in Bavaria has to be around lower Munich area. Neuschwanstein, Oberamagau ...Oh, so beautiful...
    and yes, I used Blogger for my trip too!
    You might enjoy this!

  2. Thanks Mary, love your pictures, sounds like you had a great trip!


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