Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 6th birthday Not A Ballerina!

Happy sixth birthday Not A Ballerina!
Happy birthday to you,
You're a blog that's not new,
You fill up my spare time
and that's not a crime.
(My poetry is, on the other hand, definitely a crime. Sorry!)

Yes, we have finally reached Not A Ballerina's sixth birthday. Which means this blog should have started school by now, but still it's here at home every day, hanging around with me. But that's not so bad, because that means it's here to celebrate with me all day, and in honour I even baked a cake - after polling my Facebook blog page readers as to what kind. Two clever readers decided I should put "six Kendles" on the cake, and there were also several travel-related suggestions so here is my Wanderlust Chocolate Cake (with the chocolate cake recipe taken from another lovely blog, My Life in the Country).

Speaking of lovely blogs, my dear friend Rachel at Because I Said So suggested that a great way to celebrate my blog's birthday would be to do a giveaway to my readers - perhaps of a round-the-world trip, she said. Great idea. Only you shouldn't get excited because I'm not doing that. I'm just sharing this lovely cake instead. And I'll email a delicious virtual slice of cake (!) to anyone who can correctly identify the four places on top of the cake. My only-slightly-helpful hint is that I went with a European theme for this year's cake. But you can probably guess that anyway. Let me know your guesses in the comments. (Along with your hearty congratulations to my blog for its birthday, of course!!) Thanks for reading everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday Blog!!!!

    So glad you made the cake. It has been an absolute hit in the blogosphere which has made me smile.

    Not even going to try and guess the places....

    Take care.

  2. happy birthday Not a Ballerina! you are looking very very good for your age :P

    i still think that a trip would have been a lovely birthday surprise for your adoring fans but, you know, whatever....

    will still be around for the next 6 and on years!

  3. Penblywdd hapus!

  4. Congratulations! That's an incredible milestone - and the cake looks wonderful!

    My (crap) guesses for your destinations are (from L to R): Loire Valley, Gstaadt, Kremlin, Tower Bridge London!!

    I'm pretty sure I'm wrong - that's what comes of being obsessive about travel in OZ!!

  5. Happy birthday - 6 years is quite an achievement! I'm about to clock over to 2 and I was chuffed with that :)

    PS Tower bridge in London is the only one I can identify!

  6. Happy Birthday to your blog Amanda. Looking forward to reading many more posts over the next years. Enjoy the cake xx

  7. Congratulations. I look forward to the next six years :)

  8. Happy Blog Birthday! 6 years is practically ancient in blog years so a celebration is definitely in order. Are you sure about not offering that RTW trip to your readers? :)

  9. Thanks for all your birthday congratulations! A couple of you are right with the Tower Bridge but the rest remain a mystery ... for now!!

    (and sorry I haven't rethought the RTW trip giveaway idea! If any sponsor offers me one I'll be grabbing it for myself!!!)

    The cake, however, is SO delicious and you should all follow the link and bake it immediately.


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