Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Around Australia in a van: Far North Queensland is pretty far

If you're driving from Perth, Western Australia, then Far North Queensland (as they call the very top of that state) is about as far as you can drive. Unless your car can swim (or unless you ask Google maps). What I remember most about my time in Cairns as a 12-year-old is the fantastic swimming pool they had at the caravan park, but curiously our photographs are of other worthy sights. Like this incredible tree:

Fig tree near Cairns, Queensland
You can just see me with my mother and sister at the bottom of this incredible tree - which apparently is some kind of fig tree. As far as I can Google, this fig tree seems to still exist, though I'd love a local to comment and let me know for sure.

What I do remember doing is taking the Kuranda Railway from Cairns to Kuranda and exploring the incredible gardens there. Being so humid and tropical up there, it was a far cry from dry old Perth where everything is merely a shade of brown during summer.

Kuranda, Queensland
In memory of our time in Kuranda, I found this photo of my sister and I outside the general store and tourist mecca of the town. You might see I'm wearing some truly scary fruit-covered boardshorts; I remember loving these to death. Scary.


  1. I'm not local to the area, but I believe that giant strangler fig near Yungaburra (?) on the Atherton Tablelands behind Cairns is still there, and looking much the same!

    And the Kuranda Railway station garden was still superb in 2010 when we visited!

  2. Excellent, very glad for the update! I do hope to get up that way again one of these days (as you can see it's been a while since my last visit!)

  3. I am obsessed by the big trees! The fig tree is amazing!

  4. The fig tree is still there, though Larry knocked down the giant cedar tree nearby I believe.
    I think you need another holiday back on the Tablelands. Perth has been SO hot this summer.

    1. Yes, Perth has been stinking hot. Definitely time for another trip up there. Glad to hear the tree's continuing existence confirmed!!


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