Thursday, June 23, 2011

Almost six years of travel blogging ...

I'm slowly (and perhaps a tad belatedly) preparing for the momentous occasion of Not A Ballerina's sixth anniversary next week. Like a bad parent, I've been fairly remiss about celebrating previous birthdays, but I figure that by six years of age this poor blog of mine might remember if I don't do something proper to commemorate the occasion, so I've been giving it some thought.

First, for a laugh, you might want to read the first ever paragraph of my first ever blog post. Sporting the "Sound of Music"-style title "Let's start at the very beginning", it went like this:
It seems a bit too momentous, this opening blog entry, but then again, it's something that'll gradually slip down the page and only the most devoted reader will find it again, right?
Right, unless I stupidly highlight it as part of my blog's sixth anniversary celebrations. (By the way, I think six is pretty old in the blog world. I'm a little bit proud.)

The post goes on to describe my then-boyfriend and his similar travel interests (obviously not similar enough, as we parted ways) and features a photo which I actually thought was taken about a year later. Perhaps I cheated with that? I'm really not sure.

The tone of that post reminds me of what my blogging students are always saying (and that I'm quite callous about to them): it's scary to send that first blog post out into the world. I don't remember that feeling at all, but it is there in black and white. Apologies, students.

Over the past six years, my humble and poorly-titled blog (apologies to everyone who searched for "ballerina breakfast", "ballerina damaged life" and "hairy ballerina" and ended up here) has brought me friendships, work opportunities, a trickle of income and a sense of purpose on the days when other things seemed too complicated. Right now, it makes me feel like I'm travelling even when I can't get on the road too often. And it's brought me hundreds of lovely readers who leave thoughtful comments and remind me that someone out there is listening.

Anyway, stay tuned for my blog's actual birthday celebration on Tuesday 28th June - yes, just a handful of days away. I'll be baking a cake and (virtually) sharing it, and getting everyone to join in on the travel blogging fun, so tell your fellow bloggers to watch this space. It's going to be fun!

In the meantime, if you're game, do share the "opening lines" of your very first blog post in the comments - they can't be more embarrassing than mine.


  1. Well, my first blog post back in 2004 was a post about the movie Troy, befittingy somehow a travel movie;-), but a strange way to start my blogging career.

    You write about your students. What students? I didn't know. Tell me about them.

    AND happy annivarsy in a few days.

  2. I started my first blog post with the title "And so it begins"
    Very epic for a food and travel blog. Yours isn't so bad.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  3. I must have first found your blog years ago, but rediscovered it just today while scrolling through my google reader (which I haven't been very good about keeping up with.) Congrats!

    I logged into my Blogger account the other day also, and was dismayed to find that I first signed up in 2000. 11 years of blogging?! Not consistently to be sure, and I definitely never kept a blog up for six years at a time. What an accomplishment! Would love to hear some of your reflections on how blogging has changed in that time.

  4. @ Geir, you beat me by a year, well done! And nice to hear from you. I've been running some blogging courses (face-to-face) here in Perth - I will write a post about them soon to highlight some of the best results. It's been lots of fun.

    @ Murissa, yours is not so bad either :-) It's funny how these things start and then get a life of their own.

    @ Lola, yes blogging has certainly changed over that time, hasn't it! And these days it's practically mainstream, I know someone even doing a PhD about blogging. Hmm, I think I could get a whole post out of answering your question!

  5. Whilst others start their blog with some sort of "beginning", I started my personal blog on 11 June 2005 with "Well, after months of planning, the big day is over." Perhaps that's the reason why my blog doesn't exist in the virtual world any longer.

  6. LOL @ synergylyn, yes perhaps you jinxed things! Although as first sentences go it sounds more enticing than mine I think.

  7. Well, that gave me an idea. I'll start offering blogging courses right away.

  8. Geir, you should! My courses usually sell out - and I just teach people how to use Blogger, nothing complicated. One day of fun and they have a blog at the end of it. Most are hobby bloggers but a few are business/platform bloggers, we have so much fun - I will write a post about it soon.


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