Monday, May 30, 2011

Towns starting with Q: Quorn, South Australia

On the road to Quorn

I must confess to a small addiction to playing Words With Friends on my iPhone lately (want to play me? - you'll probably win. My username is the unimaginative amandakendle). If you don't know it, it's basically Scrabble, but they're not allowed to call it that. Playing this has got me thinking about unusual words and, in particular, how to use the "Q" tile.

And all of that reminded me of a quaint (there's a Q word, see?!) town in South Australia that I visited not too long ago, named Quorn. It's en route to the Flinders Ranges from Adelaide, and not that far out of Port Augusta. And you'll be glad to know its cuteness extends beyond just having a cute name. It had one of the loveliest caravan parks we stayed in during that campervanning trip, some very welcoming locals and some great old buildings. It's also the destination of the Pichi Richi heritage railway (it starts in Port Augusta), and has been used as a film location by quite a few Australian films - that's how cute (and quaint) it is! And on top of all that, its name starts with Q. Add it to your South Australian touring list right now.

If you know any other cool place names that start with Q, let me know. Oh, but although I'm not very good at Scrabble, I have already thought of Queensland. And Qatar. And yes, I also know you can't use proper nouns in Scrabble. I'm just curious! (or should that be Q-rious?!)


  1. Ooh, I should have thought of that, I haven't been there but my father spent some time there staying with ex-pat friends working there - I've seen plenty of photos!

  2. Quorn, Leicestershire :D

  3. Quairading! Don't even have to go out the state for that one...

  4. @ Lux - ah, the original Quorn no doubt! We've got a lot of those rip-off names here in Australia (like my home city Perth, of course!)

    @ Jen - I totally should have thought of that. I've even been there relatively recently! Shame, shame.


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