Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Picture pirouette: Osaka's famous neons

The Glico Man on Dotonbori Bridge, Osaka, Japan

It's kind of weird that in a place with as many gorgeous traditions as Japan, one of the most famous sights in Osaka is all about advertising. Kind of weird, except that Japan is all about contrasts and of course being a super-technology land, you can't be surprised that they flaunt that along with their temples and sushi.

This is the Dotonbori Bridge in the middle of Osaka, and it's a place you have to head to at night to see all this neon lit-up. The Glico man (that athlete guy) is the most famous part, and I know he still exists, though perhaps some of the other stuff has changed in the years since this picture was taken. If I had a magical flying machine tonight, I'd head there, grab some local food (probably okonomiyaki) and an updated snap of the neon, and be home before you could say "Arigatou".


  1. before i even clicked on the link i just knew this was what you were talking about! i have a pic of jules under the sign lifting his arms up like the glico man! lol! he looks more like a michelin man in the picture cause it was so cold and we were so rugged up.
    somewhere near here is that giant crab coming out from the shop front and isn't this the bridge where you take your partner to break up with them? did you go alone or have and alterior motive??

  2. Yes very true, the giant crab is right nearby, but I had forgotten the story about the bridge being where you break up with someone (I think you're right though, it definitely rings a bell) - hmm probably in retrospect I should have done so with the person I accompanied there but you know, hindsight is 20/20! I would love to take Jan to see the Glico man but now I'm a bit worried about him hearing there is an ulterior motive when there isn't!!!


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