Monday, May 02, 2011

Passport pirouette: Working in Germany

One of my most hard-won visas is this "Auftenthaltstitel" for Germany. Having learnt German as a kid at primary school, and gone on with it through high school and university, I was desperate to live in a German-speaking country to have half a chance of getting a second language up to scratch (and I'd long since given up on the idea of perfecting Japanese - the reading and writing's so hard - or Slovak - the whole language is so hard!).

So while I lived in Slovakia, I tried desperately to get a position teaching English in Germany. Not so easy for someone without an EU passport. Eventually, though, after my prospective employer had to advertise long and wide to prove "nobody else could do the job" (a Canadian ice hockey player who already had German residency tried to apply, but fortunately the German administration realised I was better qualified), I got this lovely pink sticker, and I was allowed to live and work in Heilbronn, Germany. Yay!

Renewing it is another (long) story. I'll leave that for another day!

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