Saturday, May 07, 2011

Bring on Australia Day 2012 - our flag is ready

When I was a kid, I was a little obsessed with learning about other country's flags (and currencies and stamps and languages and ... I guess you could say I was a geography nerd!). I always thought Libya must be a place with particularly happy school kids because their all-green flag was so easy to draw (not anymore!). All those European countries with the three-stripe variety of flags got my seal of approval, because I could manage them easily enough. I was never too pleased with Australia's complicated stars and Union Jack, though I learnt to deal with it!

Anyway, this geographical obsession definitely helped fuel my desire to travel, so I don't mind if my little boy follows on. But I hadn't planned on starting him this early! Last week at a hardware shop he admired an Australian flag sticking out of the cash register, flashed his cute smile (he might be only one, but he knows how to get stuff) and the cashier gave him the flag to take home. All he wants to do is wave it around. Constantly. So although Australia Day doesn't happen until January 26, we are all prepared here.

Are there other avid travellers out there who loved this kind of stuff as kids? Please confess in the comments if you can relate!


  1. I always loved collecting foreign currency. there was something so exciting about the shapes and pictures - i always loved the Japanese coin with the hole in the middle (was it 5yen?) cause that was really different!
    I still keep all my odd coins from various trips and have given them to K + C to play with hoping it will help to get them interested in other countries the way it did for me!

  2. LOL I'm very glad to hear it's not just me. I was particularly keen on a frilly-edged coin I had (perhaps from Hong Kong?). And we have a jar of Euro cents to use for games etc for pretty much the same reason as you give coins to K & C. Fingers crossed all our kids love to travel. They'll just have to, I think!


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