Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Around Australia in a van: Whitsunday dreaming

Daydream Island
Last instalment I left off at Gundagai, admiring the dog on his tuckerbox, and wondering why cats didn't feature in statues. (Well, I have two cats, and I can understand why their loyalty factor isn't exactly high enough to reward them with statues, but still ...) From there, our little campervan travelled onwards and upwards, carrying my parents, my younger sister and I far up the Aussie east coast - our plan was to get "up there" fast, then turn around and meander back slowly. The timing was wrong to go "all the way around" - especially back then, there were plenty of impassable roads in the wet season - so this was the next best plan.

Of course, this meant we soon got to Queensland, a place I'd heard of already as being "beautiful one day, perfect the next". If you look at these photos, you'd probably have to say that rather successful advertising campaign was not even a lie. We spent a day exploring some islands of the Whitsundays - our favourite was Daydream Island (above), I'm sure partly because as kids the idea of naming an island "Daydream" was just delicious to us!
South Molle Island
We also made it to South Molle Island, and another, which if my dim memory of the distant past serves me correctly was Hook Island. Significantly, I remember a bird landing close to my sister's head (perhaps even on it), and I remember that great pool at Daydream Island. These days, an island resort is not really my style of travel, but back then, I loved it, even if it was just for a day.

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