Friday, May 20, 2011

10 bits of gossip about me and my travelling life

A fellow blogger who also used to work in Germany tagged me this week as a Kreativ Blogger Award winner because I reignited her passion for travel - yay for that, and thanks! (Just for the record, yes, the fact that whoever dreamt up this award in the first place was so creative with the spelling does bug me! But I can live with it). Anyway, this is one of those awards with a few rules and the most important one is I'm meant to share ten pieces of information about me (and in my case, my travelling life). Well, without further ado, let me try to tell you all ten things I have failed to mention before (sometimes because they are embarrassing ...):

  1. I will never travel into space. Not even if it gets cheap within my lifetime. Yes, you can quote me on that.
  2. Plane food excites me. I love opening all the tiny packages.
  3. Sleeping on planes is a skill I have failed to develop. On our recent trip to Europe with a four-month-old baby I told my husband (somewhere above the Middle East, I imagine) that we would have to stay in Germany forever because I did not want to have to fly all the way back to Australia again.
  4. Although I've travelled a lot - to over 40 countries - I feel like I have hardly travelled at all. However, if I say that, people think I'm complaining and shouldn't.
  5. I have a weakness for Disneylands. I've visited both the Los Angeles version and the Tokyo version. Very nearly the Paris version but decided that was just plain wrong. I mean, if you're in Paris, see Paris!! My favourite ride is the teacups (that small picture below- a scan I found from a visit many years ago - shows me on the right, furiously spinning the cup).
  6. I tend to ignore people I'm sitting next to on a plane or bus until we are close to our destination. It's just too risky that they turn out to be way too talkative and annoying for the whole trip. Sorry. (Oh, but I ignore them politely).
  7. I have only lost a purse/wallet/passport or anything similarly important once. And it was very brief. I left my purse in a McDonald's in Berlin aged 14; realised pretty fast and went back to get it, and an honest Berliner had handed it in. Danke!
  8. During all my years away I don't think I ever got homesick. Occasionally at Christmas or on my birthday it would have been nice to be at home, but I never really got sad about it. Sorry folks back home!
  9. If I could acquire one new skill overnight, it would be to draw. I've always been jealous of those people who take their sketchbook on holidays and come back with it filled full of drawings of things they've seen and done.
  10. There is no country in the world that I'm not interested in visiting. I'm nosy enough to find something to interest me wherever I go.

This award also tells me to tag 10 other bloggers, but rather than imposing any obligation I just want to share ten local (Perth-based) blogs which I've come across either because they were students in my blogging courses or because I know the bloggers in real life! Rather than being about travel, they're local Perth people who blog about a huge range of topics so take the plunge and check them out.
And if you want to know even more gossip, check back on the seven things I told you when I won a Stylish Blogger award.

Leave your confessions in the comments!


  1. well now this list just demands some kind of response! i can not imagine you being the 'ignore the person next to you' kind...we were always far to chatty when we sat next to each other - i guess there was always an out then, not so on a plane...
    i know what you mean about the whole traveled a lot but feel like it is nothing statement. i feel the same way (you have traveled a whole lot more than me though) i feel like there will always be moe places i want to visit and sadly some of them i'm sure i will never make it to. should have done a whole lot more before having kids. happy with what we did do though. I'm most proud of having lived in three other countries not just been a tourist in them :)
    very interesting list - i could comment on each one but i won't!
    thanks for the mention by the way x

  2. LOL maybe I ignored you the first time you sat next to me Rach, and then I realised you were OK!

  3. you probably did you know...hmmm.... but did it so politely i didn't even notice. we really became better friends during my 'post kids' st. marks stint, didn't we???

  4. That's me, politely rude!! Actually I can't really remember talking to you much until your baby shower thingo. But I'm pretty sure I always liked you ;-)


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