Friday, April 15, 2011

Web pirouette: Beaches, European cities and social networking

Yes, I've found an excuse to post another beach photograph from Rottnest Island. And the excuse is that recently I wrote up the Best Beaches in Europe for Europe a la Carte and the whole time I was writing it I felt like I was betraying my home country because, with all due apologies to Europe, Aussie beaches are clearly superior! And of course I'm not biased at all! Having said that, Aussie beaches are all pretty much the same - white sand, clear water, constant sunshine - and at least in Europe there's a lot more variation!

Still on the topic of Europe, I've been collating some tips from the Europe a la Carte site and recently Things to Do in Zagreb and Things to Do in Dublin were published. And over at Vagabondish, I got to write about one of my favourite pastimes, worrying! If you tend to be a worry-wart like me at times, then check out my article on How to Finally Stop Worrying While You're Travelling.On a more positive night, I've also written about Six Ways to Prolong the Joy of Travel.

And finally, if you're in Perth and are keen to know more about social networking - in other words, how to use Facebook and Twitter - I'm presenting another evening at UWA Extension on this topic on 17 May 2011. Click over to the info page for Social Networking with UWA Extension to sign up - it's free, but we need to know how many people will be there.


  1. did you use this pic as your blog's background? it looks so pretty awesome.

    I also love going to the beach with my family. And I think going to this place is a good idea especially this coming holidays.

  2. Yes I did - well spotted!! Beaches are perfect places :-)


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