Monday, April 04, 2011

Travel budgets in Riga and what else I loved in Latvia's capital

(Looking for in-depth info on Riga? Check my detailed post on Riga, Latvia).

If someone waved a magic wand so I could go back and spend longer travelling through an area than I got to the first time, the area I'd pick for sure would be the Baltic states. Although I've seen a reasonable amount of Estonia, I love it and want to go back for a third look, and both Latvia and Lithuania went past too quickly for my liking - I'm sure there's heaps more to explore.

View over Riga from St Peter's
What got me thinking about the Baltics was a post from the Aussie Nomad on how much his time in Riga cost - a really interesting breakdown of how much he spent on a three day stay in the Lativa capital. I loved Riga and really wish I'd stayed longer - somehow the city really attracted me, more so than Lithuania's (seemingly more popular?) Vilnius where I did end up staying longer while waiting for my Polish visa to come through.

Riga was already then - this is about eight years ago - an enormously attractive town, with plenty of attention having been paid to the town centre, as you can see in the photo above. I stayed in a huge hostel on the outskirts of town which was certainly a lot less pretty, but it was cheap and cheerful and gave me a place to stay the night. I wish I'd kept a record of all the costs to compare to Aussie Nomad's current day costings - he suggested it's getting more expensive since a lot of British stag nights head there now (I'm glad they didn't back then).

Freedom Monument and House of Blackheads, Riga

The way the Freedom Monument (above) had managed to survive the Soviet era seemed particularly inspiring in Riga. I'm also a big advocate of visiting the Museum of Occupation - a free and fascinating museum housed in a distinctive "black box" building in the centre of the city. And other than that, just wandering the city centre with your camera ready, or taking a cruise on the Daugava River right past the centre of Riga. Oh yes, I'll do that again one day ...


  1. Glad to be of some inspiration mate. I loved the city too and wished the small glimmer of sunshine that I saw had stuck around as it seemed to really bring the place to life.

    I'd agree that Riga is a lot more attractive than Vilnius as well. I'm guessing it was probably less so than what it was when I visited last year as well.

  2. Yes, what a shame about the weather for you, I had glorious sunshine during my time in Riga and it really was a sparkly place! Having said that, my time in Vilnius was cloudy so I wonder if that impacted on how I felt about it ... guess I'll have to go back to both some time to find out!

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