Monday, April 11, 2011

Passport pirouette: The storks of Marchegg, Austria

During my wonderful year spent living in Bratislava, Slovakia, I hopped across the border to Austria numerous times. This was pretty easy to do given that I could see the border to Austria from my living room window, and that train fares from Bratislava to Vienna were just a few dollars.

There were several different border crossings I used, and one of them was Marchegg. What a great place - home to a stork sanctuary, and a boardwalk to meander around and see storks nesting high up in the trees. The first few times I passed through, it was just a name on a passport stamp, but fortunately someone gave me a good tip and I got to see the storks. I wonder how many of them are still there these days?

Stork nests in Marchegg


  1. Love your passport stories. I have been reading all your blog posts but very slack on commenting. Still think you rock though!

  2. Thanks AFW! I love thumbing through my old passports and reminiscing about how all those stamps came to be ...


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