Monday, April 25, 2011

My new Kiva loan heads to South Sudan

After a few weeks of intermittent browsing on the Kiva site, I've finally loaned my money out again to an entrepreneur, this time in South Sudan. As I always say when I talk about Kiva, the thrill of sending my $25 out there (over and over again!) is not just to help someone, but to help someone who's helping themselves, and to have a good reason to learn more about the parts of the world I haven't had the chance to visit yet, and about the people who live there. And this new Kiva loan is a great example of that.

My new loan is off to a woman around my age named Santina Kaku, who lives in South Sudan. Forgive me if I'm the only person who hadn't quite been keeping up with this, but I had to do a little googling to figure that out, and have since discovered that after a February referendum, the bottom half of Sudan will become its own independent nation on 9 July this year. (If you're also a little behind, read this great BBC wrap-up on the southern Sudan referendum). It sounds like despite winning its long-desired independence from the (vastly different) north, South Sudan has a long road to travel towards being a calm, settled nation, so I hope that my loan helps at least one South Sudanese family to manage day to day life a little more comfortably.

Thanks to Stein Ove Korneliussen for the picture of Yei, South Sudan, via Flickr/CC


  1. Wow! you have really done some serious travelling around. Love your exploring and desire to see the world. Naomi x

  2. Thanks Naomi! Pre-bub I was a real travel addict - he's slowed me down a bit but I still like to do plenty of daydreaming for "when he's just a bit bigger" trips.


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