Thursday, April 28, 2011

Around Australia in a van: The road to Gundagai

If you've been waiting for the next instalment of Around Australia in a van, here it is. For some reason (perhaps the sun is in our eyes?) my sister and I both don't look entirely thrilled to be sitting here, but ignore us, and try to look closely at the dark lump on top of those concrete blocks. It's not a great picture at all (and I refer you to the Wikipedia version to get a proper idea, but please come back here then), but this is the famous "dog on a tuckerbox" on the road to Gundagai, New South Wales.

There's a poem and a song about the dog who sat on the tuckerbox (loyally, until his master died, a la Greyfriar's Bobby I guess), and I'd grown up knowing the song - so I was particularly keen to make a stop at the otherwise not too exciting town of Gundagai in New South Wales as we sped our way north towards the top of Queensland. Turns out these days they even run a Dog on the Tuckerbox festival every year, but they started a few years after we passed through.

Funny how there aren't any statues of cats, isn't it?

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  1. That story sounds similar like the story of a dog named Michiko who had also been very loyal to his master.


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