Thursday, March 17, 2011

Web pirouette: Birthdays, beer and sleep

My 30th birthday with a "Radler" to drink in Germany
Time for another round-up of my recent writing. And I'm starting off with a birthday theme, because it's all-pervasive here right now - about twenty babies I know celebrate their first birthday this month, and my birthday's getting close too, along with my husband's, and our little boy's first ever birthday too. So it's no wonder I started reflecting on birthdays abroad and came up with Having a Happy Birthday on the Road for Vagabondish.

But I've also been craving some sleep (hmm, perhaps related to above almost-one-year-old?) and I guess that led me to write How to Sleep Comfortably in Unusual Places on Your Travels for the same site. For the record, my all-time most comfortable unusual sleep was on the plastic benches of the McDonald's store in Vienna's airport. Honestly, I slept well! (Not like a baby. Who invented that phrase? Nobody who knew my baby, anyway).

At Europe a la Carte I've gone right to the fringe of Europe to write up The Best of Istanbul Travel Tips, and a long way north from there to do The Best of Stockholm Travel Tips. Speaking of Europe - and birthdays, as we were - that picture up the top is from one of my European birthdays. I think you might possibly believe this was not my first drink. But it was my thirtieth, after all, and in Germany you have to do as the Germans do. Prost!

And finally, a not-from-me but an about-me post: one of my delightful blogging students who now blogs regularly at her new site The Ponder Room recently wrote about how much she enjoyed my blogging course. I really do love spreading the joy of blogging although as Glennys writes, she's sometimes not sure if she should thank me or not since she can see how blogging can become a bit addictive ... but thanks for the lovely write-up, Glennys!


  1. Was my pleasure to tell everyone what a great teacher you are and to recommend your blogging course to anyone who is tettering on the bring of blogging. Great photo, hope you get some sleep soon

  2. really good tips - I remember a trip to Miami Florida after a night out getting a bit merry and catching a dodgy taxi home - just into the taxi journey I realised we were not headed in the right direction - not at all! So quickly spoke in broken local cuban/spanish language of which I had picked up about three sentences - the rest I said with a heavy cuban accent - and within seconds the driver apologised and turned around! - keeping a bit more sober and having even a tiny grasp on the local language really helps. Great posts Amanda and I have have been a keen follower of Serena's posts and agree you are a fabulous teacher and I really enjoyed learning about blogging with you and the group at the class held at future sphere Claremont - I love to blog since then and understand and admire both yours and serena's blogs so much more! - I just have to attend another UWA extention class on time mangement.....sigh!

  3. Thanks Jac, and well done on saving yourself from the dodgy taxi driver - would love to hear your Cuban accent!! And my time management is pretty atrocious too, so don't worry, you'll hit your blogging stride at some stage!


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