Monday, March 28, 2011

Travels with friends: Penguins and Libyans

For once in my life, my friends are travelling more than me. My little about-to-turn-one man keeps me home more than usual, and that's okay, because I'm still grooming him to be a big traveller! (We did make it to Europe and back already, of course!). But anyway, I'm actually enjoying some vicarious travel now, because luckily I have a lot of friends - both "real life" and "bloggy" friends - who go to exciting and wonderful places and write about them. Since they often write about them very beautifully, I've decided to start a semi-regular feature to highlight where I've been vicariously travelling in recent times. So here goes ...

Penguins in Antarctica

Pam from Nerd's Eye View has recently got back from a mind-blowing trip to Antarctica. I was excited even before she went because she was acting the way I would if I was about to go that far south. Which is basically very excited and especially excited about penguins. She's written quite a bit about her experiences and posted some super-cute penguin pics but two of my favourite posts are Penguin Spotting and Postcard from Port Lockroy.

Escaping Libya

I have a pair of friends who regularly show up in the danger zone. The trick is, they get there before the danger strikes, and the running joke is now that whatever country Andy and Helen decide to live in next, well, everybody else would do well to avoid it. Recent disasters include surviving last year's earthquake in Chile and this year, getting out of Libya just as the conflict really started escalating. Seriously, it's scary but informative to read Andy's account of leaving Libya.

Three-Year-Olds in Singapore

And finally, on a lighter note, Rachel from Because I Said So has recently got back from a trip to Singapore and Thailand, and rather than force you to read about how divine it is to sit by the pool all day (I love vicarious travel but I draw the line at super-jealousy), I thought I'd entertain you with her post on what her three-year-old son packed for the trip.

[Penguin pic courtesy of Antarctica Bound via Flickr CC]

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