Friday, March 25, 2011

It's my birthday and I'll beg if I want to (please like me on Facebook!)

Celebrating my birthday at Tokyo Disneyland
Guess what? It's my birthday! A birthday that comes somewhere before 36. But after 21. And is not particularly special. But because it's my birthday I'm going to ask you, my lovely readers, a favour.

I'm trying to separate out some of the strands of my online life - my travel writing life, my fiction writing life, and my just me and my family life. And one way I'm doing that is to create a Facebook fan page for Not A Ballerina so that I won't need to force all my travel thoughts on friends who aren't quite as travel freaky as me. And so ... ta da ... there is a Not A Ballerina Facebook page. And my birthday wish? Please "like" me there. You'll get updates whenever I post on the blog as well as a few other special surprises (and the occasional embarrassing photo of me too! Yes all kinds of special extras!).

You can see in the photo that a while back (eight years ago today, in fact) I spent a birthday in Tokyo at the Japanese version of Disneyland. And I attended the Peanuts area for some 5c psychiatric help. So to avoid the depression of having no fans on Facebook and me having to go back for more psychiatric help, please "like" my page and I'll have a really happy birthday. Shameless self promotional plug, over and out!


  1. Hi,

    I've just started following your blog. Now I don't want to ask your age exactly, but I'm guessing you're not an 18 year old backpacker ;)

    I ask because I'd love to do some more medium term travel (6-12 months) but as a 29 year old, I feel like my chance for London/Europe is quickly running out! How do you do longer term travel when Youth/Working Holiday Visa's aren't an option?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. You guess very correctly :-) and I am a few years older than you. And more usefully, I've never used a working holiday visa (although I would encourage anybody who can to do so!). So it is definitely possible. I mostly had sponsorship from schools to live in different countries but it's definitely not the only way, and if you have some kind of job you can do in a "location independent" way (basically, online) then there are heaps of options. Check out Nora's "The Professional Hobo" site - she's of a similar vintage to me but travels long term - she has some useful info at
    Just don't worry that your time is running out - there are always ways to travel long term!

  3. No problem! I like your online presence a lot! And happy Birthday!

  4. Thanks Geir! Appreciate it!!

  5. Thanks for the reply! And a very belated happy birthday :)


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