Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flying to Perth for free (well, kind of free)

I'm a big fan of my hometown, Perth. But I have to admit that I'm a relatively recent convert. Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, arguably the most isolated city in the world, you kind of get the feeling that all you want to do is get out. And along with a significant majority of my friends, I did leave Perth, not 100% sure if I would ever come back or not. But like a large proportion of the friends who left, I have. And that's because there's a heck of a lot to like about Perth!

What got me thinking about this was a UK Telegraph article on Perth over the weekend, and a PR email I got sent advertising free flights to Perth for North Americans who booked return flights to the east coast of Australia. I'm not sure if it just means more people are interested in coming here, or we're desperately trying to persuade them, but I'd certainly encourage you to come and check us out!

View over Swan River from Kings Park
It's always funny to read what travel writers think about your own hometown, and the Telegraph article was prosaically complimentary about Perth. Some examples:
The city of Perth straddles the Swan River, a broad serpentine waterway travelled by ferries, sailing catamarans, rowing sculls and pods of dolphins.
The writer, Cameron Wilson, didn't mention that there are sometimes sharks in the river too - but anyway, I'm going to refer to the Swan as a "broad serpentine waterway" from now on. He then popped down to Busselton, one of my favourite parts of the south-west of Western Australia:
Fish congregate in their hundreds around the jetty’s underwater observatory, where colourful sponges, corals and giant barnacles cling to the pylons as the waters of Geographe Bay swirl around the creaking timbers.
Makes me want to head down there again!

The "creaking timbers" of Busselton's jetty
Perth isn't exactly famous for anything, but there's plenty to see and do, we're friendly, and the weather is nearly perfect (unless you hit a heat wave!). If you've got any questions about Perth, let me know in the comments, I'll be very happy to answer them!


  1. Hi Amanda,

    I remember when i was in school, we had a guest english teacher who was from Perth. I remember he was very proud being from Perth!

    And i totally agree with you on , wanting to leave your hometown. I am from Vienna, but growing up there, i wanted nothing more than to move away to somewhere more exciting. I came to England for University and after the first year, i wanted nothing more than to go back home again. I missed it so much.

    Its true, you appreciate things more, after you left and hear other people talking about your hometown.

    BTW, i still live in England with my Fiancé!!

  2. Sarita, I love Vienna, I visited often when I lived in Bratislava and now I have in-laws there. But yes, you can't appreciate these things properly until you leave!

  3. There have been rumors spreading around that sharks exist in nearby beaches.

  4. Ha ha not just rumours - yes, there are occasional shark attacks near Perth. Best to swim in patrolled areas!


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